Deciding to go natural is great! You see this natural hair lady slaying on the ‘gram, and it inspires you to embrace the curl- only for you to realise that your hair looks nothing like hers once it starts growing out! Now all the products she SWEARS by do nothing but leave you a hot mess.

Never fear when My Natural Hair is near! The superheroes of sexy hair are here to save you from wasting your cash on products that don’t work like they should- and it all starts with figuring out your hair type.

Hair type is a hairy beast in the natural community, particularly because of the texturism that occurs- where one hair type is celebrated over another. In recent times, social media called out looser-curled naturals for ‘taking over’ the natural movement, because the coilier naturals were not as prolific as they were. So before we get into anything let it be said: know your hair type to understand your hair, not to shame it #AllHairIsGoodHair

Curly hair can be categorized into three broad descriptions, and then further within those categories based on smaller distinctions.

Type 2 Wavier naturals .

This looser curl responds best to styling techniques like scrunching, and plopping to create clumps of wavy curls. It is easily weighed down by products, so lighter leave-ins and oils like the MNH Strengthening Oil  and Leave-In Conditioner are perfect post-wash to create light beach-goddess hair.

Type 3 naturalistas have spirally curls.

Are usually more concerned with taming the frizz beast. Regular deep conditioning with the MNH Deep Conditioning Cream will reduce frizz, and lead to more defined curls. The wash and go is a popular way of maintaining this hair type, which the MNH Curling Cream is perfect for.

Type 4

Type 4 hair really is more versatile than it appears to the untrained eye! Shrinkage is usually the most common issue, so stretched styles are key to showing them haters you got length ? Techniques like bantu knots, twist-outs and African threading will keep your coils tangle-free and using heavier butters (like the MNH Moisturizing Butter) will seal in moisture and definition of your style.

Knowing the type of hair you have is a useful tool for styling purposes. However, it is more helpful to investigate your hair porosity to get the most out of your washday.


Source: ManeAddicts.com

Basically the porosity of your hair is not related to your particular hair type. Porosity is important because it dictates how well your hair gets and retains moisture- that is why knowing your porosity is essential to make your regime perfectly suited to your hair. A porosity test is simple to do. Take a few freshly washed strands of hair (no product coating them!) and submerge them in a clear glass of room temperature water.

Source: https://allurestudio.co.za/

If the strands stayed at the bottom, you have High Porosity hair!

What that means: This means that the hair cuticle is raised, and thus accepts moisture easily. On the flipside, it also loses moisture rather quickly. If your hair dries very quickly after washing it, its likely high porosity.

How to handle it: This hair type needs a heavy sealant to retain moisture, so heavy butters like the My Natural Hair Moisturizing Butter is perfect for styling. Heavy oils are preferred, such as coconut and castor oil. Protein treatments will serve well to flatten the cuticle slightly.

Hair floated to the top? You’re a Low Porosity naturalista!

What that means: The cuticle is flat, which makes it difficult for moisture to get in. However once it is in, it retains moisture very well.

How to handle it: The cuticle needs to be raised for products to properly penetrate, so techniques that incorporate heat need to be employed to get that moisture gurl- think heated deep conditioning caps, steaming the hair, or rinsing with warm water. This type of hair is prone to product build-up, so try light leave-ins like the My Natural Hair Leave In Conditioner and sealed with the Strengthening Oil. A blend of sunflower and grapeseed oils, it is perfectly suited for medium to low porosity hair. The MNH range is also free from silicones, which are notorious for creating build up- yet another reason to be on this MNH train ?

Ofc there are those blessed souls with medium porosity, which is the best of both worlds. Flourish fam, while the rest of us sit with our heat caps and heavy oils.

Trying to find patience while deep conditioning like[/caption]

Hopefully this crash course in hair type and porosity will save you some coins, and washday stress! Here’s to bomb hair days with My Natural Hair ?

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