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Beautiful products for beautiful hair.

My Natural Products are inspired by nature. Using natural enriching, nourishing actives to restore your Natural Crowns glow.

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My Natural offers a natural hair care solution for South African Naturals, providing you with a moisture rich formulation to cater to your You-nique hair needs. Free from all harmful chemicals and elements, just pure natural goodness.

Natural Hair Types

Wavy Hair / S-Shaped Curl Pattern
Wavy to Curly

Straight as it grows from your scalp looping from a wave into a more defined curl as it reaches the tip.

Defined S-Shaped Curl / Bouncy Spiral / Corkscrew loose curl pattern
Curly to Coily

Curly as it grows from your scalp looping into a spiral or corkscrew curl as it reaches the tip.

Tightly coiled / Kinky
Kinky to Coily

Hair coils as it grows out of the scalp upward into a gorgeous fluffy crown.

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